Monday, October 12, 2015

Chinese Kids are Funny

We have two foreign exchange students from China living with us for the school year. There have been some rough days, but for the most part, it's been so much fun! Their English is excellent, but every once in awhile, they mix up words or phrase things strangely. Here are a few of my favorite things they have said:

"When you go to the store, can you buy me the cereal that reduces your risk of a heart attack?" (Cheerios)

"This Twinkie is so good! I am in parasite!"

I threatened to send our girl-crazy student to an all boys school so he could focus. Our other student replied, "You can't send him there, because then he will be a gay". 

You know, when we announced our decision to take in these boys, we were not met with the greatest support. Our family thought our life was crazy enough. Maybe it was, but it was the right choice for us. Not only do I get to laugh at their hilarious phrasing, but I have learned that all teenaged boys are the same. They are all awkward, girl crazy, and eat constantly. 

Plus, I now have a mason jar full of red chopsticks on the kitchen counter. If only I could do more than stir my coffee with them....